Chiffon knitted fabric on circular knitting machine


  Chiffon knitted fabric on circular knitting mach […]


Chiffon knitted fabric on circular knitting machine, also known as georgette (from France georgette), georgette, is a strong twist crepe, crepe weave a silk fabric. Warp and weft with S twisting and Z twisting two different twist strong grab yarn, according to 2S, 2Z arranged between the phases to plain weave, the weft density of the fabric is small. Chiffon silk after refining, due to the function of silk twisting twisting shrinkage, the formation of silk covered with uniform crepe, loose structure of georgette. According to the raw materials can be divided into silk chiffon, artificial chiffon and polyester silk chiffon several

Due to the longitude and latitude of the fabric, especially easy to breathable, plus a sufficient reduction in dyeing and fabric feel is particularly soft, is the fashionable women’s pursuit of fashion fabrics. Chiffon knitted fabric on circular knitting machine texture soft, light and transparent, soft and smooth feel, the appearance of light and clean, with good breathability and drape, wearing a very strong sense of comfort, very elegant; due to elegant and smooth and transparent features, Chiffon production of women’s dresses can bring incomparable wonderful effect, full of romantic taste. Into the upper body, not only charming and solemn and elegant, wearing a more relaxed, but also add to the delicate and beautiful beauty of free and easy. Whether exposing large areas of sexy skin cut or intellectual cool simple style, do not have to bother with, chiffon dress always allow women to add thousands of thousands of Mei Mei and style.