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Tongxiang Guangming Knitting Co. Ltd., is located in the Hang-jia-hu Plain which is well known as "the hometown of fish and rice, the house of silk", it is just in the center region of Hanghzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou, next to the 320# national highway, with convenient transportation,  and developed economy.
The company insists to the management tenet of "quality first, always seeking for excellence and trustworthiness as the base", and achieves a stable and healthy development from cultivating human resources and strengthening management. Our main products are as follows: 1. Normal Products: jersey, spandex jersey, spandex small terry, terry fabric, drawn flannelette fabric, tripped fabric, cotton fabric, printed fabric, etc. 2. Intermediate and the high-end products: Modal,  imitation silk, tight-twist, flax, bright yarn cotton, etc.; 3. Mixed-spun products: viscose, cotton, polyester, cotton modal, wool, nylon, cashmere, silk, etc. normal metallic fabric , ultra-fine underwear metallic fabric, acrylic and other mixed-spinning of textile products;  4. clothing making for above various materials. The company has established good cooperation relationship with the raw material suppliers in Ji angsu, Ningbo, Shandong, Hebei etc. through many years of cooperation, in the procedure of products making, we increased the efficiency, and tried for a faster delivery time, and gained a good company credit, and has been continuously honored as an advanced private enterprise in Tongxiang City for many years. With our company's strict management, advanced equipments and knitting technology and sophisticated finishing standards, we have confidence to meet customers' requirements for various products.
Your satisfaction is our greatest wish, your support is our biggest impetus, your development is the base for our development!
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