Cotton woven fabric


  1. Definition: The cotton woven fabric is made o […]


1. Definition: The cotton woven fabric is made of cotton as raw material, through the looms, and the textiles are intertwined by the warp and weft yarns.

2, cotton fabrics are divided into:

1 natural white cloth: ordinary cloth, fine cloth, coarse cloth, canvas, twill grey cloth, primary color cloth.

2 color cloth: there are vulcanized blue cloth, vulcanized ink cloth, Shilin blue cloth, Shilin gray cloth, color poplin, various colors, and various colors.

3 Flower cloth: It is a cloth printed with various colors and patterns. Such as: plain print, printed twill, printed enamel, printed tribute.

4-color woven fabric: It is a fabric that is dyed by yarn or thread, and then woven on the machine, such as woven cloth, quilt cloth, flannel cloth, thread, decorative cloth, and the like.