Fine cotton fabric pocket cloth dyeing classification


  White fabric: The unbleached raw material is pro […]


White fabric: The unbleached raw material is processed into a fabric, which is also called a raw fabric.

Color fabric: The dyed raw material or fancy thread is processed into a fabric, and the silk weave is also called a cooked fabric.

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kangwei pocket fabric(pocketing fabric)

Pocket cloth pocketing fabric

Polyester cotton pocket cloth specifications are divided into 2 categories:

First, according to the content of polyester and cotton.

Second, it is classified according to the density of warp and weft.

The two together form the specifications of polyester/cotton fabrics. The price of polyester-cotton fabrics is mainly determined by the amount of cotton. The high cotton content is often the price. We classify all kinds of pocket cloths as linings. The commonly used pocket cloths are T/C45×45/65×35/96×72, and 133×72.

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