There are many varieties of hemp, such as ramie, […]


There are many varieties of hemp, such as ramie, flax, jute, marijuana, etc.; the former two in the fabric are more secret. Hemp has some of the same properties as cotton.

1, strong hygroscopicity, alkali resistance and acid resistance.

2, heat resistance is also good, ironing temperature can reach 190 degrees - 210 degrees, easy to burn.

3, the strength is higher than cotton, hemp fiber is hard, weak, fabric is easy to wrinkle, harder than cotton fabric, quite cool. The so-called Xiabu, that is, the ramie fabric that the southerners love to wear, does not fit close to the body after sweating.

Ramie is the best quality fiber in hemp fiber. It has the characteristics of coolness, moisture absorption and breathability. It is also high in rigidity, hard, and not close to the body. It is suitable for making summer clothing. The blending of ramie and polyester produces "hemp is good" and has a very cool style.