Precautions for drying, ironing, storage, etc. of wool garments 2


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It can be restored to a new state after being taken out of the trunk or passed through, and the clothes can be hung in a steamy bathroom. Moisture removes wrinkles from the garment.


If the garment gets wet, it should be dried at room temperature to avoid direct heating or exposure.


Many wool garments do not require ironing, but some flat fabrics will look better when ironed. Always use steam when ironing. Adjust the temperature of the iron to the "wool" block and take care to avoid ironing the clothes that are already dry.

Thin fabric care

Thin fabrics take longer to remove wrinkles. When wrinkling, you need to use a damp cloth to iron, or use a medium temperature steam iron to iron.


Because food stains and body oils can attract mites, make sure the garments are clean before storing and then put them in a sealed bag or storage compartment. Hygiene balls can be used, but do not place them directly on the fabric.