Rayon fabric (chemical fiber)


  1. Definition: Chemical fiber is a general term […]


1. Definition: Chemical fiber is a general term for textile fibers obtained by chemical processing using natural polymer materials or synthetic polymer materials.

2. Classification (according to raw materials and production methods):

1 Man-made fiber: It is the largest variety of chemical fiber. It is made of natural high molecular substances such as wood, bagasse, reed, soybean, and cheese, which are made of cellulose or protein, and chemically and mechanically processed. For example: artificial cotton, rayon, artificial hair, tiger kapok, rich cotton.

2 Synthetic fiber: Synthetic fiber is a large class of chemical fiber, which is a by-product of the petrochemical industry and the coking industry. For example: polyester, nylon, rayon, vinylon, polypropylene, chlorin, etc. are all synthetic fibers.