Sandwich fabric seat cover selection points:


  1. Pay attention to the thickness of the fabric: […]


1. Pay attention to the thickness of the fabric: the thickness of the high-grade thick sandwich fabric can generally reach 4 mm, the thickness of the low-profile thin sandwich fabric is only 2 mm, and the weight of the full-scale thick sandwich fabric will be heavier! Of course, the price of the two is also different. It is recommended to choose a high-grade thick sandwich fabric of about 4 mm.

2. If you choose a sandwich cover, try to choose a special seat cover instead of a universal seat cover. Because some old-fashioned universal seat covers use rubber bands, it will take a long time for the seat cover to be loose. The special car seat cover is tailored according to the original seat size of the car. It is tailor-made and is usually fixed with Velcro instead of rubber band. Although the custom-made production process of the car seat cover is complicated and time-consuming, the advantage is that it is beautiful and versatile, and the taste is superior. It is the best choice for car owners who are pursuing personal taste and mood.