The benefits of cotton


  When people buy clothes, they will like to ask i […]


When people buy clothes, they will like to ask if they are pure cotton materials. If they are not pure cotton materials, they will not buy them, especially when they buy personal clothes. For example, people are buying clothes now. When you are in, you will like to ask if it is pure cotton material. If it is not pure cotton material, it will not be purchased, especially when purchasing close-fitting clothes, such as underwear and Qiuyi Qiuku. When you buy clothes for your baby, you usually choose to buy pure cotton because it is less irritating to the human body.

The reason why people nowadays like to buy clothes made of pure cotton material is inseparable from the benefits of pure cotton. The pursuit of life is very different now. Many friends are pursuing high-quality life, so they are wearing The clothes are also more stressful. So, what are the benefits of specific cotton?

1, hygroscopicity

2, moistur

3, heat resistance

4, alkali resistance

5, health

These are all the benefits of pure cotton. In addition, after many scientific experiments, it is found that the clothes of pure cotton material are not irritating to the skin of the human body. Therefore, for new born babies, it is generally recommended to wear pure cotton. Cotton clothes, so as not to cause any irritation to the baby's skin, causing allergies

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