Vinylon fiber


  1. Short fiber 1.5dtex (1.4D) * 35mm (1) Vinyl f […]


1. Short fiber 1.5dtex (1.4D) * 35mm

(1) Vinyl fiber and cotton are blended with 50% each, which can be made into various clothing products.

(2) Wei cotton blended fine fabric can be used for underwear, bed sheets, mosquito nets, cotton sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.

(3) Labor protection clothing and uppers, shoelaces, etc.

(4) Industrial fabrics such as pure vinylon canvas, conveyor belt, transport cover cloth, military gun coat, grain bag, etc.

2. Cutting yarn

(1) Good resistance to seawater corrosion, can be used for fishing nets and cultured seaweed and other products

(2) Rope that can be used for offshore work

3. Soluble fiber

The filaments without acetal are intertwined with ramie or cotton, and are treated after retreating to make the fabric smooth and hygroscopic, and are high-grade products (such as hemp handkerchiefs, etc.)