Viscose fibers are not considered to be chemically cooked plant fibers


  A, fiber raw materials There are many types of f […]


A, fiber raw materials

There are many types of fiber materials suitable for non-woven fabrics, mainly natural fibers and chemical fibers. In order to produce nonwovens of different properties, uses and styles, high performance specialty fibers and functionalized, differentiated fibers can also be used.

1. Natural fiber: such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk, etc.;

2, chemical fiber: such as viscose fiber, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, vinylon, etc.;

3. Differential fiber and high performance fiber;

Such as: low melting point thermal bonding fibers (ES fiber, modified polypropylene, copolyamide, copolyester, etc.);

Microfiber (denier than 0.3dtex);

1, three-dimensional crimped hollow fiber;

Colored fiber

High performance fiber (carbon fiber, aramid, polyphenylene sulfide, polyether ketone, etc.);

Water-soluble fiber (water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber, hydroxymethyl cellulose fiber, etc.)

2. Properties of main chemical fibers and special fibers used in nonwoven fabrics