Viscose, vinegar and spandex


  (1) Adhesive The raw materials are natural mater […]


(1) Adhesive

The raw materials are natural materials such as wood, bamboo, cotton linters, bagasse, etc. The fibers spun are also called rayon, and the fabrics are: beautiful silk, rich spring spinning, artificial soft satin, artificial cotton, artificial hair and the like. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. High hygroscopicity and flammability.

2. The surface is smooth and soft to the touch. Viscose fabric drape is larger than cotton hemp, suitable for skirts and all kinds of apparel fabrics and linings.

(2), vinegar (ester, acid) fiber (dimensional)

Most of them appear in silk style, in addition to clothing fabrics, they are also commonly used as linings.

(3), spandex (Malley, Lycra)

It has high elasticity like glue, so it is also called elastic fiber. Can replace the use of rubber, but the current price is more expensive.

1. High elasticity, high elasticity with other fibers, and good wear resistance.

2. The face does not lose its elasticity in the case of cold snow or sun exposure.