Washing and drying of different garments: cotton and linen clothing


  Cotton and linen fiber has strong alkali resista […]


Cotton and linen fiber has strong alkali resistance, good heat resistance, wet breaking strength higher than dry breaking strength and good washing resistance. Therefore, cotton and linen clothing can be washed with various detergents, machine washable and hand washable, and the washing temperature is 40 ~ 50 ° C, the temperature is too high and easy to fade.

Because hemp fiber is hard and has poor cohesion, it should be softer than cotton cloth when washing linen clothes. It can neither be rubbed hard or brushed with hard brush, nor can it be twisted hard. Otherwise, the cloth will be hairy and the fiber will break easily. Affect the appearance and service life.

White clothes can be washed with a strong alkaline detergent; for colored clothes, use a less alkaline detergent and reduce the concentration and temperature properly. The soaking time should also be shortened; loose clothing should be washed by hand; The clothes should also be washed. After rinsing, gently squeeze the water away by hand to prevent strong twisting. When washing the garment, it should be carried out according to the texture, to prevent the cross-brush from causing the fabric to fluff or tear.

Cotton and linen clothing should be aired in the sun, and the reverse side should be facing outwards to avoid exposure and fading.

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