Wool clothing precautions


Precautions for drying, ironing, storage, etc. Empty po […]

Precautions for drying, ironing, storage, etc.

Empty pocket

Empty your pockets, remove belts, accessories, and other accessories before storing or washing to avoid sagging and pleating. Pull the clothes zipper and attach the button when storing.


After the clothes have passed through, use the brush to brush the surface stains and dust along the longitudinal direction, which can also make the surface and suede of the clothes more full.


If you want to remove the smell of smoke and food on your clothes, you need to put your clothes flat on the bed or towel for an hour. Woven garments may need to be hanged outdoors with a suitable hanger for ventilation.


Woven garments should be hung with molded or filled coat hangers. Knitwear should be carefully stacked and stored in a drawer.


Merino clothing should be put on hold for 24 hours. Merino's natural elasticity will flatten the folds and return the clothes to a flat state.